Our Vision

Our vision is a connected family law system that minimises conflict and supports the best interests of children.

We seek to achieve this vision by encouraging professionals to work together, and providing opportunities to learn and share information.

We aim to:

  • Establish and maintain professional relationships.
  • Raise knowledge of the role and expertise of all professionals in the family law system.
  • Provide training in a multi-disciplinary way to network members.
Our Vision

Family Law Pathways Network - Vision & Structure

Family Law Pathways Network Sydney Purpose & Team

Our Structure Family Law

Our Structure

Family Law Pathways Networks are managed by a local steering committee which draws expertise across government, non-government and legal organisations.

The Network is the primary organisation that brings all public, community and private service providers together including the Family Law Judiciary, Family Relationship Centre providers, Therapists, Private Legal Practitioners, Legal Aid NSW and Community Legal Centres.

A Project Officer is employed to coordinate the day to day operations of the Network.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a clear pathway for families making their way through the family law system. In order to provide a clear dispute resolution pathway for separating families, the family law system depends on cooperation between a range of service providers: the community sector, the Family Law Courts, government agencies and departments, the legal profession and the research sector.

We also recognise that families may require services such as police, drug and alcohol, mental health, housing, parenting education and family violence organisations as part of the dispute resolution process.

For family law practitioners this necessitates:

An awareness of all available post-separation services.

Access to family law specific professional development and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education opportunities.

An understanding referral process.

Keeping abreast of changes in the way services are provided.

Keeping up to date with current changes to family law, regional Family Court information and legal issues at a federal and local level.

For other service providers this necessitates:

An improved understanding of legal/court processes.

Understanding requirements of courts and lawyers.

Keeping up to date with changes in the substantive law.


Our Team

The Steering Committee members for 2021-22 are:

Name / Position
Gene Roche, Chairperson
Legal Aid NSW
Charlotte Young, Vice Chairperson
Warrina (DV & FV Specialist Service)
Jane Corcoran
Legal Aid NSW
Julie Perkins
CEO Gurehlgam
Marcia Payne
Judy O'Mara
MNC Mental Health
John Reynolds
ReConnect Childrens Contact Centre
Kiah Bowen
Police Regional DV & FV Coordinator
Barbara Bolt and Linda McNeil
Interrelate Practice Lead & Regional Manager
Lachlan Skinner
Interrelate First Nations Community Development Officer
Brittany McEwan
Interrelate Child Contact Centre Coordinator
Wendy Murray, Project Officer
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