In this issue:

* FLPN Update.

*Family Court of Australia / Federal Circuit Court of Australia: has launched a dedicated COVID-19 list to deal with parenting issues.

* Law Council of Australia:

  •       a fact sheet on ‘Essential Services’ with information from a federal, state and territory level.
  •       Experts warn there are still legal ways the US could obtain COVIDSafe data.
  • Police banned from accessing COVID-19 app metadata.

* The Duty List Episode 4: Michael Kearney SC discusses litigation by teams.* Technology Safety Australia – safer technology for women: Advice for survivors to make informed decisions about whether or not to download COVID-19 tracker App.

* Australian Law Reform Commission –  President Justice SC Derrington’s speech at the FRSA National Conference: ‘Evolving Families and the Continuing Justification for Rules Particular to the Regulation of Families’

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